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Post by Mohsin on Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:04 am

Speed up Windows XP

1. The “Disk Cleanup” utility.
2. Remove Cached Web pages.
3. Defragment the Hard drive.
4. Disable indexing on the C: drive.
5. Disable Windows Visual Styles.
6. Edit Windows Start-up items.
7. Defragment the registry.
That’s allot to do so let’s get started!

Step 1: Run Disk Cleanup
You can do this by going to Start > Programs > Accessories >System Tools > Disk Cleanup.
Select the Drive you want to clean up click ok and then will remove any unnecessary files.

Step 2: Remove Cached Web Pages
Open up Internet explorer > Tools > Delete Browsing History.
Then click Delete all then click yes.
Keep in mind the does delete passwords.

Step 3: Defragment the Hard Drive.
To do this go to...
Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.
You may want to save this one for last as it takes a while to complete the task(s)
If you want to know if you hard drive even needs to be defragmented click Analyze, However I recommended just clicking Defragment.
Defragment just complies all the files on your hard drive so they are easy to access.

Step 4: Disable Indexing on the C: Drive.
While we are on this subject just go to Start > My Computer. To make my computer open faster go to Tools > Folder Options > View (Tab) > Automatically search for network folders and printers just uncheck that.
Ok Now with that bonus tip out the way go to your C: Drive, Right click > Properties and Uncheck the Box that says Allow Indexing Service to Index this disk for fast file searching > Apply > Ok....

Step 5: Disable Windows Visual Styles.
Start > Right click My Computer > Properties > Advance (Tab) >(Performance) Settings > Adjust for Best performance
And this will disable all the Windows XP fancy visual stuff.

Step 6: Edit Windows Start-up Items.
Start > Run > “msconfig” > Start-up (Tab)
This then shows everything that starts up with your computer and allot of these programs are not even used or necessary. To find out what they are you can kinda stretch out the middle Command column or it!
But just go through the list and uncheck anything that’s not necessary and this will help your computer to boot faster. Then just click Apply when you are through with it.
Then since we are here click on the Services Tab, At the very bottom check the box saying “Hide All Microsoft Services” Then scan through what is ever left and uncheck anything you know you don’t use.
Once you done that click close and restart your computer.

Step 7: Defragment the Registry
Now since windows does not have a program/application to do this we are going to download some useful FREEWARE, Now go to “[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] net/freeware. htm” And Download RegSeeker.
Once downloaded extract it to your desktop and run the .exe
Down the left side click “Clean the Registry” and then select auto clean. This is going to pull up all unnecessary registry files. It should delete them by itself once done.

Best Regards..........
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:: Mohsin Ali ::
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