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What does your business need, Virtual hosting or dedicated hosting?

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NEW What does your business need, Virtual hosting or dedicated hosting?

Post by BeverlyJefferson on Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:29 am

Some organizations choose to host their own Web site on their own managed servers, while others contact with a Webhosting company or purchase their online business hosting services through an Internet service provider. The cost and flexibility of the services provided by the web host are 2 main factors which determine this. Understanding the differences in features provided by the professionals and fakes will help you to make the best decision.
Webhosting plans can be categorized broadly into two types: virtual server hosting and dedicated server hosting. Small and medium-sized businesses usually choose a virtual server plan where multiple ecommerce web sites are hosted within a single server. This service allows you to share a server with others, but your site is further protected or isolated with its own server resources including processor, memory, and disk storage. This arrangement works well for small ecommerce sites or for customers who wish to manage several separate web sites. There are firms who provide both web designing and web hosting services.  If you request for a custom web design , the firm will include this feature if you specify the type of plan you need to include in the package.
The reason why web hosting companies offer services at cheap rates for virtual servers is because most customers require the same web services that are identical from site to site. Webhosts who are able to combine similar services for a huge volume of customers most effectively are generally the most successful since they can get substantial amount of sales.
Dedicated hosting on the other hand is an option for medium and large-sized businesses that require or desire the flexibility that comes with dedicated servers. Though more expensive, this type of plan generally comes with a higher level of security, support, and maintenance with a guaranteed level of availability. Depending on the webhosting plan you choose, flexibility means you can write and run your own custom scripts or applications and even use a content management system to manage the web site without worrying about managing the network, server hardware, or operating system.

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